Report: Star Gazing at Banff Sulphur Mountain Gondola

As promised in my previous post, here is the report of the Friday December 2nd star gazing at the top of Sulphur Mountain.

The evening started off with dense cloud cover over Banff.  Eugene and I set up his refractor telescope in the vestibule for the 4th floor viewing decks.  Brewster staff setup a table with hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

I used by iPad Pro to show educational videos about the various star sizes, the different masses of planets within our solar system, and used SkySafari Pro to show guests what they could have seen if the clouds were gone.

Luck must have been on our side.  Just before 7pm the clouds started to clear and Eugene was able to move his scope outside and start showing guests Mars.  The clouds continued to challenge Eugene but he was able to pick additional targets such as the double star Albeiro, galaxies M81 & M82,  and a few other objects.

It was not a perfect night for viewing but the few cloud breaks demonstrated how wonderful the viewing can be on a clear night.

My next schedule date is Friday December 30th.

Until then,

Clear Skies!