CRLC class 1 – Let the Adventure Begin

We recently joined Calgary Rock and Lapadiary Club.  I have always had a love of rocks.  I have them everywhere, and from everywhere.  Doug always complains, when we travel that we look like rock importers.

At the club we took out very first class.  We made cabochons.  The stones that we started with had already been cut into the appropriate width.  With hesitation and a little uncertainty we started cutting, grinding and polishing under the watchful eye of Shelley our instructor.

The atmosphere is great at the club.  They give you a tour of the equipment, which is a requirement if you want to use what they have.  Then it is jump right in.  Shelley walked us through every step, and then gave one on one attention when needed.

Rocks have always been on our path and part of most of our adventures, but we wanted to learn how to take this to the next level.



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