Banff Park Lodge Seafood Buffet.

It was a really cold and miserable night, and I hate the cold. So dinning where we are spending the night is perfect to me. I just stayed nice and warm.

We arrived late to the buffet as Doug was doing astronomy stuff at the top of Sulphur Mountain.  Even late the buffet was fresh and well stocked. We did not feel like we were the tail-end Charlie’s. For me the highlight was the shrimp and scallop ceviche, it was bright and fresh, not too lemony or spicy.  Perfection.  To accompany my seafood I had a glass of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. It was fresh and crisp and very peachy, definitely would have it again.

Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche

 And of course what would a buffet be if I did not take a trip around the dessert table. Once again let me remind that we were late and everything was still very fresh. My favourite item was the bread, yes you heard me the bread pudding, not the cheese cake, the creme brûlée or the tiramisu, but the bread pudding. It was so light. And I have never said that about bread pudding. But I was a lady and did not dive in, I took a dainty, respectable amount.

Mmmmmmm bread pudding
Mmmmmmm bread pudding