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Hi there and thank you for visiting.  We hope you’ll find our postings informative, entertaining and inspire you to get out, enjoy a nearby adventure or explore the vast universe.

Our motto for traveling is: “It’s not just about the destination but it’s about the journey  and the adventures you have along the way”.  Mind you, the destination is just as important but you have to learn to have fun along the way and stop to “smell the roses” or “just roll with it”.

We have found many amazing sights when we have “journeyed” off the planned path.  Better said, “Oops or oh dear, I took a wrong turn.”

Our posts will be organized by various categories listed on the main menu above.  The latest posts for any category will show up below.  The search feature will allow you to use keywords to find posts that interest you.

Don’t be fooled, our journeys are not just about travelling.  They include lifestyle changes, food and drink, and hobbies like photography and astronomy.

Enjoy and best wishes on your adventures!

Laura and Doug